Sunday, August 24, 2014

1000 Days Missing Michael

March 21, 2012 ~ 1000 days since the world changed forever.  1000 days since Michael had been taken from us.  It had been almost 3 years since June 25, 2009 and some of the  connections I had made on a facebook page back then, were still stronger and closer than ever.  We were still in mourning.  When wouldn’t we be?  Every day we would share about Michael and what he meant to us.  During one of those conversations, Sonjanita in Chicago suggested that we send roses commemorating how many days since our lives changed forever.  It wasn’t quite 1000 days yet and Luisa in Romania suggested 1000 days.  Our plan went in to action and we opened a page  “1000 days Missing Michael” on Facebook.   People shared the page and fans from all over the world joined.  Many new friendships were forged.  From all over the world , the wide, welcoming arms of Michael and his LOVE drew us all in and together.   On March 21, 2012, we had delivered inside to Michael at Holly Terrace 1001 red roses, flags from 36 countries,   representing all those who participated and a book of messages from all over the world.    1001 red roses for each day plus 1 more because it feels like so much longer…

Over 200 fans participated representing the following countries:  USA,  Greece, Bulgaria, Taiwan,  Austria, Italy, France, India, Hong Kong, Ethiopia,  Japan, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, England, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina,  Sweden, Russia, Portugal, Armenia, Iran, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, Norway, South Wales, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Australia, Romania, Canada, Brazil

Jermaine Jackson tweeted about our project

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