Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Childhood" recording leaked

I am not sure how many attended one of Brad Sundberg's In The Studio With MJ this past summer  As I am sure many of you heard, one of the highlights was a video of Michael recording "Childhood" with the Philharmonic.  It was amazing.  The expressions on Michael's face, body movements, and his voice!!! 

Someone recorded  the audio and leaked it on youtube.   The Estate asked Brad not to show the video clip anymore in his seminars.  That clip alone was worth the price of admission.  I could have watched it over and over and over again.  It's really sad that someone did actually tape it and release it on youtube.  Such dishonesty. It is disappointing.

As disappointing as Brad not being able to show the clip anymore.  These clips are what I want to see.  The pure, uncut, untouched Michael.  I am not quite sure why we, the fans,  are being denied these things.  Just like that documentary of the last photo shoot.  Why can't we see it?  It is very frustrating on so many levels.  Hard to understand the reasoning behind it at all.

   Below is Brad's response to finding out that it was leaked.

"A quick word about the leaks, trust and perspective. Thanks to everyone for their concern about someone sneaking a recording device of some sort into my seminar. We do our best to screen all guests, but clearly something snuck through. My request would be that whoever did this would respect my seminar for what it is - a complete package of venue, truth, memories, integrity, hard work, quality electronics, music, laughter, pain, friendship, gathering with fellow fans, etc. A low-quality clip on laptop speakers is a very poor representation of my what seminar offers the guests, particularly in my quest to "introduce" them to the Michael that I knew. I am a very trusting person, and I hope to never lose that trust in people, but this was a bit of sting today. That said, do you want know something "funny" - for lack of a better word? I was visiting Dachau Concentration Camp outside of Munich when my phone started blowing up from friends letting me know about the Childhood leak. Can you imagine the irony of how un-important something like that is in the scope of where I was standing? Life is too short to participate in or stress over something as pointless as a stolen clip from a seminar. I think Andy, Chris, Jay and most MJ fans would identify with that. Thanks again for your concern, friendship and support. The four Europe seminars were an amazing success, and I made so many new friends along the way. I look forward announcing our plans for 2015, and can't wait to see many of you again soon. Have a great night - Brad"Your comments are always welcome.


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