Tuesday, September 22, 2015

August 29, 2015 at Neverland

Each trip to Neverland is different. Sometimes I am on a mission and other times I just go to feel Michael's spirit.  As those of you who have been to Neverland know, the gates and property lines are beautiful.  The energy surrounding the property is magical.  The morning of  August 29, 2015 was no different.   This day was the 7th birthday without our Michael.  The purpose of this trip was to adorn the fence with 58 roses and many hearts from Michael's beloved fans from all over the world.   When I arrived, Annie from Oregon by way of Florida  was already there decorating. Two more fans from Canada, Chantal and Dany arrived and helped to tie roses and hearts to the fence.   

As always passersby stopped to see what was going on, with many taking pictures of the hearts and roses.  Like the roses, that were taken to Forest Lawn, these hearts are beautiful, inspiring and filled with love.

"My fans truly are a part of me.  
We share something that most people will never experience."
 ~ Michael Jackson

Happy Birthday Michael!  Thank you for being born ~ Japan

"Remembering the day your love entered the world"

 "Your music and love give me strength to live through everyday life.  Thank you Michael and I love you forever" ~ Japan

 "I'm thankful you were born in this world.  And I'm happy for the miracle which lived through the same time as you." ~ Japan

Me too.

 "We can dry our tears, but our hearts never.  Miss you Michael"
~ France

Michael, you are forever in my heart ~ France

Love from Greece

Happy Birthday to the brightest star in my life ~ Germany

Happy Birthday wishes for our Peter Pan ~ Australia

Happy Birthday Michael !  Your smile is my happiness ~ Japan

I'll Always Love You and Respect You Michael!!! ~ Romania

Your love is magical. That's how I feel.  I love you.


Smile, Annie

You are my magic ~ Love from Hong Kong


  1. After all that great amount of job on placing the hearts and the roses I have only one question to Annie (and Jody) Are you OK? Annie, are you OK?? :) LOL Thnks so much , the article and the photos are incredible, Jody! God bless you for the labor of love - the love for Michael!!!

  2. Thank you Jody! Our love for Michael spread all over the fence! Love you always Michael :)

  3. What a beautiful labor of love on everyone's part. I'm always amazed at all the creativity - every single heart is an individual work of art, straight from the heart. You are such an angel to make this happen, Jody. I know it's a lot.... <3


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