Sunday, January 31, 2016

How no one can be compared to Michael Jackson

There has been no one on the planet like this man. His career is unmatched and he maintained fame for practically his entire life."

So starts the article entitled "Why Nobody Can Be Compared to Michael Jackson" by Jennifer Rogers.  I have posted the link below for the full article. 

Jennifer is right on with her views.  I agree with her thoughts and have to expand a bit on something.  This part:    "But to compare this man’s voice, his performance, his stage presence, his dance ability, his ability to legitimately make thousands of white people faint at the sight of him? Sure there were other people fainting, but this black man had THOUSANDS of white people fainting before he even made a sound."

Not only did Michael make people of ALL RACES faint before he even made a sound,  he also has brought people of all races together.  That alone is so important. Michael's global reach was and is amazing and has never been achieved by anyone else before or since.    Almost 7 years after he left us.  He continues to inspire and influence so many.

We cannot forget his humility, grace and beauty.  Michael is beautiful inside and out.  He was never too good for his fans, didn't swear to get attention or in his songs and never too proud.   


It will never happen again.   No other person has brought together people from all countries, all races together to join in mourning, celebrating and missing the incredible man, father, son, musician, dancer, HUMANITARIAN,  that he was and is still.

 His legacy continues and his reach was not just in music and dance, but also in fashion.

Yes these wannabes were influenced by him, but they will never be Michael.  Not even close.

Read Jennifer's whole article below:

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