Saturday, April 5, 2014

Just Another Part Of Me

Emotions tend to run high amongst Michael’s fans.  Which is understandable to an extent.  I do believe it is important for all to express their opinions and thoughts in a respectful manner.  We must all respect each other and when necessary agree to disagree.  We are not always going to like the same things, nor have the same thoughts on anything and everything especially, pertaining to Michael.  However, I like to believe that is what makes his fan base so unique and amazing.  So much diversity.  His global reach never ceases to amaze me.  All of the opinions run from one extreme to the other, with many in the middle.  Unfortunately there are those who feel the need to argue their opinion and try to force it down our throats.  That is when it gets ugly and hate begins to spew.  Who benefits from that?   NO ONE has to justify or explain their feelings or why they have a certain opinion.  It is great to hear the complete range of opinions without hate.  Many times I may learn something I didn’t know or look at something in a way I hadn’t thought of before.  It’s all positive.

I am not going to like a person or not like a person because they may purchase or attend something that I am not.  I would hope others would offer me the same courtesy and not friend or unfriend me because I am either not buying or attending something or I am buying or attending something that they may not agree with.     Same thing goes for our opinions on different eras of Michael and pictures.   We all have feelings about certain eras and pictures.  That is all personal, it can be discussed but not debated.  Beauty is and has always been in the eye of the beholder.  I am not going to judge someone for that either.  None of that is my business.  NO ONE needs my blessing or my permission to buy or attend anything or to like or dislike an era of Michael’s  or pictures of Michael. 
Every picture tells a story.  Each of us see something different, while some of us may see the same thing.  Pictures, like music, conjure up memories, good and bad.  What may make me happy or sad, may not do the same to others.  I respect that and I hope others do too. 

 Who am I?  I am just another fan.  Yes, it is nice to share when we like the same things, or buy the same things, or attend the same events. That is how we connect to other fans.  That is very important.  It is also equally important to feel free to express when we don’t like something or agree about something without fear of reprisal.    

  I have been a fan since the Jackson 5 days as I am a little younger than Michael.  I still remember dancing around the house to “ABC”, singing at the top of my lungs.    We grew up together.  Michael has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  More present at different times of course, but always there, even if it was in the corner of my heart.  We are all fans.  None of us are better fans than the other.  Not because some of us may have been a fan since the Jackson 5, while others may have just discovered Michael since he passed.  So what.  What does that mean?  Nothing.  Beyond being exposed to the music longer and being a fan longer.  Longer doesn’t mean better, it means just that…LONGER.   
We need to embrace our similarities as well as our differences and most of all respect one another.  If we don’t, we are forgetting what has always been at the core of Michael…LOVE

In the end, we are ALL fans of the greatest singer, dancer, humanitarian, musician, to walk, dance, or moonwalk on this planet.  Blessed to have been here to share the ride for so long.

Peace, LOVE, and MJ

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