Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have mixed feelings about the new album.  My initial reaction hearing about the new release made me incredibly sad, as it always reminds me glaringly that Michael is not with us anymore.  Then of course the whole Sony connection is always disturbing with memories of Michael's very vocal unhappiness with them.  So unfortunately I'm not feeling positive about this announcement.  I would love to hear all the songs just the way Michael left them.  No additions.  He had no say in what was done with these songs.  Let us enjoy them the way he left them.    Truly unfinished gems.  As a fan, I of course, want to see Michael succeed and show the world he IS number 1, but this just doesn't feel right.  What I am trying to say rather ineloquently Darren Hayes says perfectly.  It is great to be able to get a perspective from a fellow artist of Michael's.  A view we as fans don't see unless it is shown to us. 

And that cover art is insulting truly.  The eyes are nice but the rest makes Michael look odd.  Why doesn't the estate ask Nate Giorgio to design the cover?  Not only is Nate an amazing artist, but his art reflects the love and respect he had and still has for Michael <3

 This is a portion of what Darren Hayes commented on twitter:

'I believe we should let the person who created the work decide if something is finished or not, I really believe that is a respect we have to show the artist. Since MJ is no longer here to ask, I think it's pretty easy to assume he probably didn't want the world to hear a lot of these 'new' songs."

and I am with him, it all makes me feel "icky" too :(

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Here is Darren's first tweet

April 2, 2014
My take on the ‘new’ Michael Jackson album news : If you found a pencil sketch by Monet, that he himself had discarded and decided not to finish - then got a team of painters to ‘finish’ it after his death, would it still be a Monet? Of course not.
Peace, LOVE and MJ


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