Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Michael is LOVE

A few weeks back I organized an event on Facebook to send hearts, valentines, for Michael to be placed at Neverland ranch and at Forest Lawn on Valentines Day.  There was a very impressive response, and the "love" came in from all over the world, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Scotland, Russia, The Netherlands, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago and the good ol' USA.   It was very exciting picking up the mail every day.  The amount of love and respect Michael generates never ceases to amaze me. 

On the day before Valentine's Day, a friend and I arranged the hearts on a makeshift tree at Forest Lawn, along with roses to sit outside. We also sent in hearts and roses to be placed inside Holly Terrace next to Michael.  

Valentine's Day morning, we set out for Neverland to hang the remaining hearts on the fence there.  It was a gorgeous day.  After a long ride in traffic, the trip which usually takes 2 hours from where I live, was made in about 3 hours, we arrived at our destination.  There were a couple people hanging about the gate and it was time to hang the love on the fences.   My friend hung the roses on the fence on one side of the gate and I began hanging the hearts on the other fence.  A few visitors came and went,  and finally all the hearts were hung up.  As I stood back to admire the hearts, a man walking back to his car, said to me, "they look beautiful".

I found a couple more hearts that I had made and hung them with the roses.  As I hung the last heart next to a rose, a man approached me, and asked "what is the motivation for this?".  I just looked at him and said "Michael Jackson". 

                                               Michael is LOVE

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  1. Loved your answer to the man "Michael Jackson" Thanks for a very special Valentines Day !


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