Sunday, March 1, 2015

Revolutions 2, The Art of Music Exhibition at Forest Lawn

This is the picture of Michael in the exhibit
Beginning February 6, 2015, Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale has a new exhibition entitled "Revolutions 2 ~ The Art of Music".  

This exhibition is a collection of music memorabilia that includes concert posters, tickets, album cover art, photographs, paintings and sketches and ink drawings of musicians from just about every genre from Blues Legends like Bo Diddley, Billie Holiday, and Muddy Waters.

The collection includes Michael Jackson.  There are only 2 items that are Michael.  One is a large 8 ft by 5.5 ft painting of the "Michael" album cover by Kadir Nelson.  It's large but definitely not the largest piece in the exhibit.  There is one other item of Michael and it is a framed 8 x 10 of Michael, Marlon, Randy, and Janet from 1970.  I was hoping there would be more and something really great of Michael so I was a little disappointed.

This is the painting.  I went in wishing there was a painting by Nate Giorgio.  This one doesn't quite capture Michael.  Each drawing is a little off. Even the drawings of Paris and Blanket are not quite right.  Hopefully one day we will get a great exhibit of great art of Michael.

The exhibit is heavy on Jimi Hendrix, The Beatls, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Canned Heat,  and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

There are busts of both Quincy Jones and Lena Horne that are very nice.  There is also a cast of Lionel Richie and his father's hands entwined.  There are large portraits of Tina Turner, George Harrison, Miles Davis, Lyle Lovett, George Harrison, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Madonna.

My favorites from the exhibition would have to be the picture of Michael, Marlon, Randy, and Janet, an amazing drawing of Jimi Hendrix entitled "Merman", an ink drawing of the Nat King Cole Trio from 1947 and the portrait of Miles Davis.

Playing during the exhibition is a video from Live Aid.  I was told there is a little bit of Michael from the recording of "We Are The World" in the beginning of one of the dvds but they couldn't find it.  I offered to bring in one of my Michael dvds but they weren't interested.  :) 

The exhibit is free of charge and runs until August 3.  No photography allowed.  The large painting of Michael is right in front of where the employee sits.  They probably put that one there because they know MJ fans will try to take a picture. 

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