Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Michael Jackson 1973 Interview with Charlie Tuna

I just heard the sad news of Charlie Tuna's passing.  I remember listening to him on the radio on KHJ when I was a young girl and then a few other radio stations when he moved over to them.  He had a great voice. So perfect for the radio.  While I was reading of his passing, I came across this little gem.  An interview Charlie Tuna did with Michael in 1973.  Great picture.  I love Michael's shirt and the great comment Charlie said about it while captioning this picture.  It is nice to see that he remembered that about Michael oh so many years ago.

Enjoy the audio.  I love to hear the honey tinged accent in Michael's voice  and his great personality shining through.

(This photo above is captioned by Charlie Tuna, the man who is in the picture with Michael )

"The photo to the left is 14 year old Michael Jackson with me in 1973, at my Woodland Hills studio, for my first interview with Michael. Michael came alone that day with no entourage or publicity team, and notice the word “Love” on the front of his T-Shirt. That’s what Michael was all about from the beginning!"

The transcript from the video
"My sit down interview with Michael Jackson when he was only 14 years old. One on one in studio, no entourage surrounding him and we talked about everything including: "

Charlie Tuna: How many years had you put in prior to Diana Ross discovering you?

Michael Jackson:   Before?

Charlie Tuna:  mmm huh. Before she discovered you?

Michael Jackson: About uh...2 years
Charlie Tuna:  Had you had a lot of long hours or work or..
MJ: Yes
CT: did it all just kind of fall into..
MJ:  Yes, we'd come home from school and head to the instruments.  People would look in from the windows and watch. Like in that area everybody they tried to make a group. But a couple of weeks later they would break up. We were the main one that stayed together.

Charlie Tuna: A 14 year old Michael Jackson and I were talking about possible career alternatives , other options in case he wasn't a singer.

Michael Jackson:  Showbiz I guess or or run track
Charlie Tuna: You like track?  What are your events?
Michael Jackson:  I don't have any events.  I just know I'm fast!

Love him!!!  


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