Sunday, March 20, 2016

Springtime at Neverland

I just finished reading for the 3rd time "In Search of Neverland".  The journey to Michael finding and buying Neverland by the realtor, Gloria Rhoads Berlin.  It is a quick read and sweet.  The sale was signed on February 28, 1988.  What a wonderful time of year to have taken ownership of this beautiful property.  The green, rolling hills of the Santa Ynez Valley remind me so much of Calabasas when I moved there over 20 years ago.  It wasn't unusual to see goats and sheep grazing on the hillsides.   That was one of the draws for me in choosing this city. 

A few weeks ago, after the rains came, the hills around Calabasas have turned green again.  So that means the hills around Neverland are green again.  It is a magnificent sight to see.  In the summer, everything turns brown, but in the spring there is so much green.  The hillsides are dotted with wildflowers in white, purple, yellow and orange for starters.   The California Poppies were in full bloom.

No visit to Neverland is complete without a visit to the magical little nursery in town. As you pull up to the gate of the store, a gentle breeze blows the huge windchimes that hang from the tree out in front.  I can imagine one or a few of those chimes at Neverland.  If only Michael were still there, it would be a perfect gift. :(   It seems I always need something from this little store, a couple of pretty plants, a glass heart, a heart bracelet, and this time 2 Easter Egg stakes.  One for me and one for Lola.  I placed them at Neverland while I was there and they will go to Forest Lawn with me on Easter. 

One weekend was devoted to hanging the Valetine hearts and another I just brought some roses to hang on the fence. 
bloom.  As I made  my way on the road to Neverland it is easy to see why Michael chose this place to be his sanctuary.  His heaven on earth.  You really are closer to G-d when you are out in nature to see the wonder of Him.  Michael being a spiritual person would naturally pick such a place for his home.

Each time I arrive at Neverland, I get a little nervous as to what I might find.  There are not many fan gifts there anymore as I think they get cleaned up pretty quickly.  I am worried about the day when we are told we can't hang anything on the fences anymore.  Until that day, I will continue to travel to Figueroa Mountain Road and hang the tokens of love from all over the world for Michael.  It is an honor.  


  1. I really loved this! It took me there and I feel so much of the love you have for Michael and his Neverland. Wenona

  2. Lovely! Thank you so much for thw writing and photos! How I wish I could go there as often as you do <3
    Thank you for all you do! <3
    - Nelli

  3. šŸ’„šŸ’…šŸ‘‘šŸ’‹: I will never forget my first visit!! Still gives me goose bumps! I miss him so much..and yes Neverland will always belong to MJšŸ’„šŸ’…šŸ‘‘šŸ’‹#MyMJpeterpanadventures ♥

  4. Beautiful photos! Thank you Jody for sharing <3

  5. This is so beautifully written. I have only be to Neverland once but managed to go through the gates! Miss Michael so lives foreverxxoo

  6. aw, Karen Moriarty shared this link on fb, so sweet. I feel like Neverland will always be that pure magical place as what Michael had made it to be. It will always be his.
    I still have a pebble a friend of mine brought as a gift, that she picked up from over the fence :))) its one of my most prized possessions.xD
    So many beautiful trees, and just the other day was the International tree day! <3 Thank you for sharing. :)))

  7. I love your description of the wildflowers in bloom. What a beautiful place. Thank you for posting.


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