Saturday, March 28, 2015

Michael's friendship with Katherine Hepburn

From a new book coming out April 16.  In the Company of Legends, by Joan Kramer and David Heeley. 

"... he invited me to one of his concerts at Madison Square Garden."

Soon after 8 p.m., the show started.  But as with most rock concerts, the main attraction isn't the first one to appear.  So as the clock ticked away, Kate became increasingly angry. 

"Let's go," she said.  "He's late and I don't want to wait any longer.  Kate was with her great-niece who encouraged her to wait.
And then, finally, out he came.  Hepburn was horrified by his erotic pelvic moves and the volume level of the whole performance.
She said, "Let's get out of here  I don't ever want to see him again.  He's vulgar." Again, her great-niece encouraged her to go backstage.

A frenzied melee erupted when Katherine went backstage to see Michael.  In a voice everyone could hear, she said, "Michael, what was that?  Asinine and lewd." 

I'm sorry, Miss Hepburn," Michael said, "but that's what I do when I perform on stage." 

"Well take my advice.  Don't ever do it again."

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Michael was a master on stage and he knew what worked. 

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  1. There is also a little preview about Jane Fonda where she makes a comment that she didn't know what Michael wanted from her. If he wanted her to be his older woman friend, for solace or succor or as a beard???? I don't think so. Michael was NOT gay. smh


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