Monday, March 2, 2015

Sweep Around Your Own Front john legend on Michael

John Legend's uneducated tweet just shortly after Michael passed has surfaced again recently. 

from July 09, 2009  @johnlegend

"I wonder what young black kids are thinking now as we glorify MJ who went through such lengths to change his complexion and have white kids
interesting to think about in the context of the comments about the complexion of the kids at the pool.
Just to be clear, I’m very much an MJ fan and I believe he should be celebrated. Just acknowledging that there were some troubling and sad aspects of his life that should at least be thought-provoking to us.
Ok, enough “deep thoughts” for tonight. Hope I didn’t offend w/ the MJ thoughts. I truly appreciate and respect him as an artist…
And my comments were in no way meant as a diss to him. Just looking at bigger questions that came to mind with the Philly incident"

Then in 2013
John treasures meeting the late king of pop, Michael Jackson in Bahrain before his death.
“He’s the soundtrack to people’s lives,” John said about Michael Jackson. “I was at a dinner with him in Bahrain during the Formula One. We talked about music, traveling… you know, international musicians small talk.”

 Another interview done about the same time in 2013.  Same words but with a little variation...

John Legend says Michael Jackson is the ultimate legend.
The musician gushed about the late King of Pop in a new interview, claiming he is one of the greatest people ever. John can't believe he was lucky enough to meet him.
"He's the soundtrack to people's lives," Legend exclaimed to British magazine Marie Claire.
"I was at a dinner with him in Bahrain during the Formula One. We talked about music, traveling... you know, international musicians small talk."

After some research this morning, this is all I could come up with along with comments about that tweet and a short clip about him writing a song with  for Michael.  No mention of an apology for that insensitive and ignorant tweet. 

As I said in my FB post, it is disappointing when those who have a platform to educate, inspire, and inform the masses don't use it to their best advantage to benefit as many as possible.

In the past almost 6 years, I am guessing John (so not a ) Legend, has not heard anything about the autopsy or the doctor's report confirming that Michael did indeed have vitiligo.

Here is a  snip from a response to that tweet back in 2009, that was funny and right on. Link to the full article will be here.

I'm not sure who the author is but it is from on July 10, 2009
"Legend had diarrhea of the mouth, and decided to add his 2 cents about Michael Jackson's appearance on his twitter.  I'm not understanding the issue, because at least one doctor has come forth to say Michael had Lupus, and was being treated for an auto-immune disease which causes vitiligo and skin deterioration, so what's all the fuss about?"

and I do have the complete picture of Michael and john, but I felt that much was sufficient...


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