Monday, March 2, 2015

Spike Lee Projects on Michael

Not only is Spike Lee working on the documentary for 'Off The Wall',  but he also has another MJ movie in the works. I loved the BAD documentary.  Especially the footage of Michael in concert and in the studio.

“Definitely,” he said, “I have a script that's a mutherf*cker. I just gotta get the money for it. It's called ‘Brooklyn Loves MJ.’ So if we get the money for that, you'll like that too.” “Brooklyn Loves MJ,” which we've written about previously, is a Cain and Abel-esque story set against a backdrop of gentrification in Lee’s Fort Greene neighborhood during the summer of '09, when fans were mourning Jackson's death.

I am so looking forward to the 'Off The Wall' documentary and 'Brooklyn Loves MJ' sounds amazing too.   While I go back and forth regularly on which is my favorite album,  'Off The Wall' is pretty consistently my number 1.

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  1. It's such a shame but here in the UK we never got the chance to get the Spike Lee documentary on DVD, and only got to see part of it on TV.


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